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I am a digital artist from Ventura, California. I have not shown my art to the public until recently. The aliens told me to do it. They can be very persuasive, especially when they drink beer. I have only recently set up social media accounts. You can find me now on Twitter, Insta, YouTube and Tiktok. I have also just set up a Discord channel. The links are below if you are interested.


Here is the link to the video introducing the collection. 


Here is a link to some of my other art. 


My name is Scott Falcon, I am an author of novels, including the technothriller Threshold,  but for my art, I use Dacaro. So, I am Scott Falcon aka Dacaro. In any event, for the art that I create— they are all original “Dacaro’s”—unique creations, one of a kind made by me … and my alien AI friends.  


Thanks for visiting. All the best. Check back for details on my first NFT release soon.