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The Drunk Alien Fanatic Fan Story

So these aliens are big fans of America’s past time. Apparently, these aliens had so much fun; they visited all 30 major league baseball parks.
The first drop of these NFTs will be during the major league season, exact date TBD, so please stay tuned and sign up for the drop alert here. Which team will drop first? We don’t know. We have to find out from the aliens when they are sober. Update: We have just been privy to a leaked homeland security document that disintegrated after we read it, but it alluded to a scoop that these aliens may have attended NFL and NBA games also if you can believe it. We will keep you posted on this rumor as more information becomes available from our sources.
In the spirit of full disclosure, or at least partial, or mostly or just maybe what’s somewhat relevant, here is art from some of my collections that I have never shown to the public until now. But forget that. I have been chosen as the emissary for this alien art or whatever it is. That’s me, Dacaro, the chosen one. Go figure. Anyways, I am deciding on which marketplace to bless the world with these artifacts that are just out of this world. 

There will be a 10 piece set for each Major League Baseball Team. A drop will release several NFT’s at once, but not complete sets for teams. The collector who desires to own complete sets will have to watch each drop for the NFT’s they are missing. If they miss buying one when it is minted, they will have to attempt to buy it on the secondary market. Once a collector owns a complete set for a team, they will receive a bonus NFT for that team from Dacaro.