This is an invitation-only, private, and CONFIDENTIAL page. Please do not share this link, with the exception of your co-workers, unless I have authorized you to do so.


I am Dacaro.


This website was launched a few days ago, in February 2022. I have no presence on social media as of yet so you won’t find anything. In my other life I am an author of novels published under my pen name.
I have not shown art work to the public… well… except…
A long time ago I competed in state-wide elementary school still life art contest that consisted of several rounds. Some way I made it to the finals, and my parents took me to the University of Illinois campus, where it was held. I was supposed to draw what I saw. I thought that was boring, and I didn’t think I had any chance of winning after seeing some of the other kid’s stuff, so I drew what I saw after staring at the damn bowl of fruit for a while and closing my eyes. I was surprised as hell when the judges awarded me first place. I asked my father if he bribed the judges, and he swore he didn’t. That’s me second from the left when my mother dressed me as an ad salesman. 

Back to the question at hand. I have created dozens of pieces of original art in several collections. My collections include Street Art, Crash, Leather Fetish, Nature I Dream of, Design on Acid, and other subjects unrelated to each other and equally incoherent. Different styles. Various digital tools.

You can view a few pieces here.

I am currently reviewing NFT galleries/marketplaces to represent and sell my work regarding a specific collection:

Drunk Aliens.

I think I thought of creating it when I was drunk, but I can’t remember. Anyway, this collection will have several releases consisting of, in total, hundreds of individual works of art, each one tied to something in the real world. Well, kind of.

This is a piece from my Drunk Alien NFL Collection that comprises 32 pieces, one for each team. 

The title is Drunk Alien Chicago Bears fans 01.

If you are interested in representing me, please email me at sf@dacaro.io, and leave your cell number in the message. If you think my work is crap, email me anyway so I know out looked it over. I would appreciate it. 


Here, you can cut and paste in half a second: 


Hey, Dacaro, your work is crap. Don’t waste our time. We deal with real artists with talent. Blocking your email address now. Fuck off.


Either way, thank you for taking the time to review my work.






PS: I am creating a single piece with 32 separate images within it, each one a different iteration from the single releases. Considering each image is 3000px at 300dpi, it will be a big-ass file. I will create that when this collection gains some traction with your help and expertise. You know how to do this, right?


Coming soon, the MLB, NBA, you get the idea. Drunk aliens like sports and rock concerts and all the fun shit.